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Now available: Hallelujah, Giant Space Wolf by Daniel Bailey

Now available: Hallelujah, Giant Space Wolf by Daniel Bailey


Hallelujah, Giant Space Wolf offers both an irreverent and sincere exploration of desperation and hope. Bailey's poems pair the personal with the mythical and traverse many linguistic quadrants. Space Wolf's seamless transition from Lakers games and 40s to severed limbs and Jesus Christ offers a glimpse at the sanctity of chaos. With Space Wolf, Bailey tests dangerous waters — these poems breathe violence, yet many are absurdly funny.

76 pgs.; ISBN 978-0-9851097-0-7

"I don't know how many poets could write a book bringing together meth, Barney, racecars, black metal, God, and the Lakers in one massive feral hymn, but Daniel Bailey is the only one I'd trust. Water into wine is fine but this man can do it to dogshit. Hallelujah Giant Space Wolf is hilarious and true and beautiful. Hail holy spazzlord Bailey." —Blake Butler, author of Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia

"If Daniel Bailey's poems were people, they would be the kind of people that you love to get drunk with but you're always a little afraid that they might try to slit your throat. When you tell them about Emily Dickinson feeling the top of her head come off, they reach for a saw. Still, you can't help but love them. They're a blast! They're always a step away from going to jail or running into your parents or causing you to rearrange the furniture in your loneliest apartment. Daniel Bailey's poem-people are in a gang called The Space Wolves and they are really, really excited about learning something from this terrible, amazing, gigantic world, even if that means that we'll need a mop for all of the blood." —Peter Davis, author of Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!

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More praise for Hallelujah, Giant Space Wolf:

"I can honestly say [Daniel Bailey] is the poet out there who I see 'creating a cosmos.'" –Giancarlo DiTrapano,Vice

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